Pitching in or logging out?

As I have been working with this new ePortfolio platform for my course, I have spent a fair amount of time thinking on and pondering the purpose and the greater use behind just being another voice on the internet.  It seems to me, as I have been reading other bloggers and finding so many tremendous sites on teaching and technology, that my little ePortfolio is just another drop in a very full bucket.

Yet I am starting to realize that the beauty of having a live site, the beauty of blogging about an experience, truly lies in the discussion.  A blog is an open invitation to discuss the topic.  And anyone can join in.  It begs for input, for insight, for more information.  It opens the door to an educated, intelligent conversation that could never take place if not for the web which ties us all together.  So even if other sites have better writing, prettier pictures and more links than mine does – which  they do – I can still offer a topic of interest and a place to discuss it thoughtfully.

I intend to grow this site, Awaken the mind, by filling the pages with resources which can help others and by sharing my teacher experience and knowledge with others in my field.  However I believe that the purpose I want to focus on most is to start blogging with the intend of hearing back from others.  Different points of view enhance the collaboration and cooperative spirit, thus enriching the platform with a living conversation which continues as long as the site is live.  I truly look forward to the discussions which will happen here.  What excites you a most about live ePortfolio sites?


Digital image:  http://www.guidingtech.com/assets/postimages/2016/06/shutterstock_112158140.jpg

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