Here are a few of the free sites I have experimented with as I begin to have my students use ePortfolios in class:

Strikingly – Love this one.  I created a site in 20 minutes that looked really nice and was user friendly.  They have “happiness officers” to chat with you if you have any issues.  By careful though to save and publish regularly or you can lose all of your work – I had an unfortunate student experience this.  But overall it is one of the most user friendly site builders I have worked with.

Weebly – Also very easy and I love the drag and drop feature which makes it simple to add text boxes, images or whatever else you are trying to add to your page.  It took me a little longer to work with than Strikingly but sometimes the finished product can look even nicer.  Also free with many templates to choose from.  This was the second most-used site with my students.  They also offer the class option, where you can create a class so that the sites are private to the members, instead of being public.  This is good for younger ePortfolio creators, maybe elementary or Middle School age.

Wix – Google runs this – need I say more?  It works great.  It looks great.  It is user friendly with many, many template options and lots of great pictures you can use without worrying about copyright issues.  Best of all it’s all connected to your Google ID if you already have one.

Google sites – Speaking of Google… this is not quite as fancy as Wix but offers a nice easy layout with simple interface and pages.  I have not personally built a site with Google sites but my students have and they were happy with it.

WordPress – Hi.  You are on one now.  But you knew that already didn’t you?  It is NOT the easiest to work with, and I can say that I have spent hours getting to know the ins and outs and still…I feel like I’m just on the third date.  So much remains a mystery.  But I do like the space, the customization options for pages and menus and so I guess – while I would NOT recommend this to my students – if you are a grad student or teacher and would like to have your own site: go for it.  It’s a good product.  They also provide help -thank goodness for that!


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