Pitching in or logging out?

As I have been working with this new ePortfolio platform for my course, I have spent a fair amount of time thinking on and pondering the purpose and the greater use behind just being another voice on the internet.  It seems to me, as I have been reading other bloggers and finding so many tremendous … Continue reading Pitching in or logging out?

What is the Growth Mindset?

Carol Dweck introduced the concept after experimenting with young children and realizing that while some of them embraced challenge and grew, others shut down in the face of difficulty.  As a teacher I encounter this everyday.  Ultimately this behavior springs from a deep held belief on intelligence and whether it is something that we are … Continue reading What is the Growth Mindset?

My Learning Manifesto

Recently I was asked to create a Learning Manifesto.  As a teacher, learning fascinates me.  I am always reading books on the mind and how to learn and how we remember best, researching ways to help my students and also to assist me on my life-long learning adventure.  What I believe is outlined in the … Continue reading My Learning Manifesto