Power of a Growth Mindset

Carol Dweck spoke of growing up in a school in which there were no failing grades, only a grade of « not yet ». Since I come from a very fixed mindset background, I immediately thought that this must be like one of those schools where everyone gets a gold star just for trying along with a…

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The COVA learning approach

I had no idea what COVA was when I first heard mention of it, and now I feel like it’s what I have been looking for without even knowing it. Choice, Ownership, Voice and Authenticity.  As I watched the videos and did the readings this week, I kept coming back to my first love in…

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Creating your own PLC

This program is genius. They must know me so well to have made this week – which initially seemed to be so much easier than creating a video – about creating a PLC: Professional Learning Community.  How did they know my weakness? I groaned.  I actually cringed.  This was, ironically enough, the hardest and most…

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