Looking back on EDLD 5316 I feel like it was much longer than 5 weeks, however I think that is due to the sheer amount of information and work that was required.

I learned about digital citizenship through the 3 principles of Respect, Educate and Protect,  where Ribble broke those down into the 9 elements.  I learned the most about digital law, because I truly knew nothing regarding that area before beginning this course.

I feel that my biggest accomplishment in this course was wrapping my mind around issues that were very abstract for me.  I read through some tedious papers and articles to gain a better understanding on digital law and copyright issues which I previously had no knowledge of.  That type of information does not excite me and so I tend to bypass it and focus on more creative tasks.  However these laws matter, and making myself learn about them was a step in the right direction in order to become a better digital citizen.

There were multiple challenges when completing this course.  The first was finishing the sheer amount of readings and video viewings required to do the lengthy assignments.  It was much more work than I expected.  The second was that I was traveling during part of the course so one weeks work had to be done on a smart phone, and that was challenging.  The greatest challenge was having to start my final project over and change gears completely in order to get it done by the deadline. Using technology that isn’t compatible with things I am used to working with proved to be very challenging and stressful.

I felt most proud of the MySimpleShow video I produced, a simple (as the name suggests) video about Snapchat.  This was a new platform for me and I found that I really enjoyed it and the final product was very good (in my humble opinion).  I would definitely use it again and recommend it to teachers for quick explanations for students.  In creating the video I learned how to create a script and choose images that would speak to the brain in a visual manner while the audience would hear the explanation as well.

Everything that I learned in this course impacts my daily job – as a teacher in foreign languages I show movies, have students blog, find many authentic sources online for them to use, and tend to need to copy parts of books which are exclusive in the foreign language but are also difficult to obtain enough copies for the whole class.

The most useful thing I learned was more of an soul connection with something I heard.  Empathy trumps shame.  I was very moved by the cyberbullying week and found that it sparked so much discussion in my home with my spouse and children.  It is an issue that hits me rather hard although I can’t say that I was ever a victim of cyber-bullying.

I feel as if I will be taking that and many others of the lessons taught in this course and I will continue to ponder and research them – the door has been opened but there is still much that needs to pass through it!

My favorite aspect of this course was the organization – it was beautifully organized so that I always knew where to find the readings, or videos, or assignment.

I would tell others to prepare for a lot of reading and a lot of work with this course, but also a lot of professional growth.  I feel like I learned a lot in this course, but it was at times stressful and overwhelming.  The amount of resources each week made my head spin, but overall I understand why there is so much – it is a crucial, important and frankly a hot topic.

I am thankful for another great course through Lamar DLL and I look forward to wrapping it all up in my final course!