Welcome to an idea that I believe embodies what the future of education is going to look like. This is a concept I have been experimenting with and am so excited about. Check out the video “Change: why bother?” to get an idea of WHAT this is all about and view “Why and how to blend” below. The traditional methods of knowledge delivery and classroom protocol are ready for change and the students need a relevant, engaging classroom to help them awaken to their true potential.  With the new technology available to help today there is nothing holding us back.  It’s time!

Please look at the Innovation plan idea for my reason WHY behind this important shift. I had entered education with a mind to bring about change – I had NOT enjoyed my 12 years behind the desk.  But after 7 years of teaching I found myself falling in step with the old way of doing things and I could not find a way to teach that truly respected the student and also awakened them to their full potential.  The system was failing them and I felt that I was also.  I was considering a career change when I found this concept, giving me hope again.

The data to support these changes and evidence to back it up can be found in my literature review where I examine the effects of blended learning as well as the latest in research concerning this new approach.  Although the research is fairly recent and is still ongoing, it provides clear evidence for both the need and the effectiveness of this method.

Finally the three step implementation plan can be found here as well if you are interested in seeing the HOW.  This breaks down the planning, implementation and innovation over the first year.  A three-year program would stem from this outline as well, as the complete shift will take time.  I believe that this is a method of teaching that can be adopted by an entire school, a whole department or simply by a classroom.  Any way you use it will be impactful.

Although this is not an easy change to implement it will breathe new life into your classroom and awaken a joy of teaching for you as well as a love of learning for your students.  I have tried it and I will never go back to the old way of teaching.  It is simply impossible to check out or sleep through an active learning environment.  And when students are engaged, they are learning.  When they learn, they succeed.  And when they succeed, they have hope for their futures and belief in themselves.  I took some time to reflect over what has worked and what has…well…not worked so well, and I share those thoughts in “Looking back to move forward“.

Finally you can check out Further Resources if you desire to dig deeper and read up on what the experts are saying.  Let me know what you think and feel free to reach out for more information if you are curious.  It is a wonderful time to be involved in education!

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