Here is an example of the detailed outline for my course.  I would highly recommend that you take the time to do something similar with your course BEFORE putting anything online.  Just a friendly suggestion.

LMS Course:  Les Moments de la vie: Unité 1 FRENCH III Honors

Overarching Course Goal: Learners will become respectful global citizens with an enhanced and enlarged view of their world, culturally aware and knowledgeable regarding foreign countries, values, traditions and languages.

My Unit is divided into three lessons:

Lesson A – Quand je sors.  The main focus of this lesson is youth and the places they like to go and the things they enjoy doing.  It also touches on descriptions and friendship.  The main grammar focus is on reviewing the present tense (both regular and irregular verbs) and expressions using “depuis” (since) and “avoir l’air” (to seem).  The cultural focus is on the MJC and adolescent habits in francophone countries compared to our own.

Lesson B – La famille et les activités enfantines.  This lesson focuses on family types and childhood activities.  It also touches on telling a story including emotions and discoveries.  The main grammar concepts are reviewing the formation of the two past tenses (passé composé and imparfait) and when to use each one.  The cultural focus is on a southern region of France (the Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur) and also African families.

Lesson C – Le mariage et le travail.  The main focus of this final lesson in the unit is on marriage, relationships, and work.  It also touches on specialized schooling in France.  The main grammatical concepts will be learning the future tense and the conditional mood to talk about what we will do and what we would do.  The cultural focus will be on jobs (the work world in France) and also marriage ceremonies in France and in the countries that make up Mahgreb.

Outline for Lesson C (10 days): (Note: I did the same thing for all 3 lessons and included this in the LMS so that students could easily see what the lesson would require of them)

Learning Goals:

Students will be able to…

  • Say they don’t care and where they would like to work
  • Talk about college preparatory classes, elite universities and weddings
  • Use the conditional, including sentences with “SI”, and the future

Learning activities (total of 30 spread over the 10 days):

  • Students will complete practice assignments C1-C5 on the LMS
  • Students will view short Youtube videos on the grammar as well as culture
  • Students will complete the 8 assignments on their PASSPORTS site
  • Students will complete Conjuguemos drills for both Conditional and Future
  • Students will complete three activities of their choosing on QUIZLET (vocab and tenses)
  • Students will complete Quizlet Live, Kahoot and Pop-up in class competitions
  • Students will do cultural readings from the textbook and online
  • Students will participate in class discussions

Assessment activities (11 total):

  • Students will successfully record their response to the prompt on Voicethread
  • Students will successfully complete the online QUIA quizzes (3 for this lesson)
  • Students will successfully express themselves in their journal entry and then add the corrected entry to their ePortfolio
  • Students will answer discussion prompt on the LMS
  • Students will research, present, and submit all participation assignments (C1-C5)
  • Students will prepare and record their final summative assessment on Avenue, consisting of a 5 minute conversation on the themes of the Unit and using the tenses studied

Included is the 3 Column Table for the entire Unit

Learning Goals Learning Activities Assessment Activities

Students will be able to recall present tense and past tense to describe families and childhood in the TL

Students will be able to memorize new verb stems and endings to discuss and explain views on weddings and work in the future and conditional tenses.

Students will be able to compare wedding traditions in the US vs in France

Students will be able to translate authentic materials into their language.

Students will be able to understand authentic speech in the TL on the unit topics.

Online verb games in all 4 tenses


Online videos with explanations of the tenses needed for review


Online videos with explanations of the new tenses


Class activities/games for vocabulary practice and tense practice


Listening activities in class and online


Speaking timed practice with partner with given topics


Reading of authentic materials as groups

Online multiple choice recall quizzes for vocabulary and verb tenses


Voicethread where they discuss the topics for a determined amount of time after listening to the prompt


Timed journal writing where they explain differences in cultural values on the unit topics (to be corrected and put in their blog)


Reading comprehension


Students will be able to perform dialogue and role-play situations regarding the unit topics.

Students will be able to practice the grammar in order to demonstrate the ability to respond in spoken and written form to the given prompts and questions this unit delivers.

In class dialogue writing and practice for the role-play


In class practice games (pop-up, Kahoot and Quizlet live) with the grammar and vocabulary needed for Voicethread and journal writing


In class preparation for the spoken and written assessments

Role-play with a partner


Find the mistakes – correct the paragraph


Voicethread where they discuss the topics for a determined amount of time after listening to the prompt


Relaxed journal writing with prompt(to be corrected and added to their blog)


Online discussion responses


Students will be able to compare cultures and languages as well as state their own opinions in both written and spoken forms

Students will be able to extrapolate meaning from authentic material from the foreign culture

Readings for cultural understanding


In class viewing of interviews, songs with comprehension questions as groups

Culture comparison presentation (of their own choosing)


Authentic reading comprehension of two songs

Human Dimensions

Students will be able to extrapolate which values matter most to different cultures by distinguishing the importance placed on varying aspects of the culture

Students will show respect for differing opinions by practicing good listening skills and an open mind

In class circle discussions


In class readings and research


Practicing respectful attitude during class interactions

Preparation and quality of argument during in class circle discussion


Original insight from the research, presented through means of their own choice


Students will be able to demonstrate an open mind regarding different family, wedding and work traditions by explaining and comparing them to their own culture

Graphic organizers to prepare for Group skits


Research worldwide variety of family and wedding traditions – compare without judging


In class discussions

Group skit
Learning how to learn

Students will be able to assess, appraise, reflect upon as well as score their participation, engagement level and leadership level when it comes to their own learning

Use the online platforms to review as needed and access extra help


Self advocate when they need help by coming to the round table to meet


Participate and show leadership in their group


Show up prepared and with an open mind and strong work ethic to invest in their own learning

Leadership assessment grade (they give themselves based on the 7 Steps for Mastery chart)


Weekly Engagement survey


Weekly round table meeting with teacher