BYOD and beyond!

What cool things can they do with their iPhones besides snapchat during class you ask?  Check it out:


Okay, yes I know everyone has heard of Kahoot and kids love it – but have you tried Jumble?  Kahoot’s quieter little sister.  Jumble is great for practicing foreign languages or formulas, chronological events, grammar…you name it.  You get four colored boxes with words that the students have to drag and drop into order.  Adjust the time as needed – they can take anywhere from 30 seconds to 5 minutes.  It’s not as crazy and competitive as Kahoot but helps with cementing more detailed processes.  Love it!


Google Classrooms

I have no doubt that someday soon Google will rule the world – I mean how can they keep giving us all these amazing brilliant resources for free?!?  But seriously Google Classrooms is a terrific, easy to set up and easy to use online platform for staying organized with Google docs, projects, assignments…you name it.  You can easily create the different classes, have students join with a simple code, then add assignments. Just as easily you can see who has done it, grade it, provide feedback, ask questions – in short it does A LOT in a visually pleasing but user friendly way.  Highly recommend to help organize and simplify project assignment and submission.


After reading Fluent Forever by Gabriel Wyner I discovered this spaced repetition flashcard program.  It isn’t as cute and fancy as say Tinycards for IOS but it gives you so much for free.  And if you have an Android device there is a free App.  The computer download is free – all you need is an email to create an account.  If you aren’t familiar with spaced repetition you can learn more in this little video which I have my students watch.  I use Anki myself for German and Italian and am seeing incredible progress.  All of my students use it…time will tell if it works long-term for them, but those who use it regularly tell me they think it is very effective.

Quizlet Live and classes

quizletliveQuizlet costs me about $30 a year but it is well worth it.  Each student joins one of my 5 classes and then has access to as many decks as I want to put in the class.  I can create them or copy and modify decks which are already made.  I can check students progress and give them credit for the activities they finish.  I use it as homework and study prep before a test or as extra credit bonus.  As a class we play Quizlet Live with each deck – the students use their cell phones and get into their groups.  The random groups are named after animals and they even show up in different languages depending on your deck language!  The kids love it.  And you can project the flashcard deck for vocab introduction or to play Around the World as a class.  Sometimes we also play Matching with the smart board.  Multiple uses for free or (if you want the classes) very little.  A must have for me.quizlet-class